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The Atratus Collection contains a selection of superbly engineered hi-fi interconnects and cables designed to take the performance of your hi-fi and AV systems to the next level. Heavy duty copper conductors, plenty of gold plating and an overall attention to detail more commonly found in considerably more expensive products feature heavily in this collection and we believe that the value for money it offers is unsurpassed.

The Epiphany Acoustics Atratus Coaxial Cable is our true 75 Ohm digital cable. It is a very heavy duty digital cable with a large sized solid copper central conductor and an extremely low-loss foam PE dielectric which offers a higher level of performance over standard dielectrics and greater signal integrity. It uses high quality crimped connectors which are themselves gold plated for excellent mechanical contact in your system. Crimped connectors offer a gas tight and robust connection, often considered better than a soldered connection. This coaxial cable also benefits from dual shielding, utilising both a 100% coverage foil shield as well as a very dense copper braid. The low capacitance and low resistance design will contribute significantly to adding a new dimension to your digital hi-fi system.


  • True 75 Ohm impedance
  • Heavy duty solid core copper conductor
  • Ultra low loss foam PE dielectric
  • High quality crimped, gold plated connectors
  • Two layers of shielding – foil and braid
  • Custom lengths available
  • Awarded a 5 Star 'Recommended' review by Hi-Fi Choice

To see how well the Atratus 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable can perform in your system, you can take up our 14 day no quibble refund policy which will give you ample time to evaluate its performance in-situ.

If you require a length not specified on the website, please contact us with your requirements and we can discuss your needs.

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