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The Atratus Collection contains a selection of superbly engineered hi-fi interconnects and cables designed to take the performance of your hi-fi and AV systems to the next level. Heavy duty copper conductors, plenty of gold plating and an overall attention to detail more commonly found in considerably more expensive products feature heavily in this collection and we believe that the value for money it offers is unsurpassed.


5 Star Recommended review from Hi-Fi Choice magazine.

The Epiphany Acoustics Atratus interconnects are audiophile grade analogue stereo RCA cables designed in accordance with our key philosophies of good value whilst maintaining superlative performance. Only the highest quality conductors, shields and plugs are used in the Atratus interconnects, as well as a well engineered design, to maximise sound quality.

The Atratus interconnects are available in 0.5m and 1m lengths. Priced per pair for stereo use.

Specified for a low resistance, shielded signal conductor, the Atratus interconnects makes use of high quality components and careful manufacture to ensure repeatable, consistent high performance.

The design incorporates a dual shield construction – utilising both a copper braid and foil – to protect the internal heavy gauge signal conductor from extraneous noise pick up and interference. The Atratus is terminated with very solid RCA plugs to ensure no degradation of sound quality and finished with a stylish black and white jacket.


  • Shield 1: high density copper braid
  • Shield 2: overlapping foil
  • Heavy gauge ultra pure copper twin signal conductors
  • Low resistance design
  • Heavy duty gold plated connectors

5 Star Recommended review from Hi-Fi Choice magazine.

Given the feedback and reviews that these interconnects have received, we are absolutely confident that the Atratus interconnects will boost the sound quality of your hi-fi system. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the interconnects within 14 days of receiving them for a full refund.

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Price: £39.99

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12 comments on “Atratus Audiophile RCA Interconnects

  1. Customer Feedback on said:

    I have had my cables a couple of months now. Awesome, great value for money, they are better than cables I paid twice as much for. A no-brainer.

  2. Customer Feedback on said:

    …I thought I’d give your cable a go after seeing reviews. What can I say, I am both happy and sad. I have finally found a cable that gives me what I want. Various genres (from heavy rock to jazz) sound absolutely fantastic. My system has a new lease of life. The downside is… I now want to listen to all my CDs and realise I don’t have the time. Still, when I do get the time I know it’ll sound brilliant. How you’ve done it for such a reasonable price is nothing short of miraculous. Saved me buying a new amp! Thank you.

  3. Customer Feedback on said:

    Got my cables extremely quickly, well packaged and they sound AMAZING. Total pleasure to deal with Epiphany Acoustics, if youʻre in need of new RCA cables and are on the fence on these, go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

  4. Customer Feedback on said:

    I would recommend these well constructed interconnects particularly at this price. Audible improvement in my Naim/LP12 setup.

  5. Customer Feedback on said:

    On first inspection, I was very pleased with the packaging and cable in general, it feels like a quality item.

    Had it playing in my system for a couple of hours now and must say I’m over the moon (already)!

    Many thanks for a great quality product at an affordable price!

  6. Customer Feedback on said:

    These cables are really good, giving a balanced sound with no undue emphasis on any frequencies.

  7. Customer Feedback on said:

    I was struck how vivid the sound was, how dynamic it was and how etched, in the space between the speakers, instruments were.

  8. Customer Feedback on said:

    Thank you for the excellent service, the cables arrived safely this morning. I didn’t think cables could make so much difference but the music coming out of my rather ancient “budget” CD player now sounds so much better.

  9. Customer Feedback on said:

    Well, the Atratus cables arrived on Wednesday as promised. Popped them into my vinyl replay chain and sat back – and was astounded! Do I like them? You bet I like them.

    So much so that I’ve just ordered another pair to go into the CD replay chain. Wanted to get them before word gets around and the price goes up!

    Thanks for a fantastic product at a sensible price… remarkable.

  10. Customer Feedback on said:

    I have replaced my Naim black 5 pin to din cable with your first cable now it has burnt in on my second system and the difference is amazing. I was going to replace my Naim CD5XS CD player and upgrade my Linn Sneaky streamer with a Naim ND5XS, your cable has changed my approach to upgrading my current main system I can’t believe it, this cable is the most significant improvement in sound I have ever had in all the 30 years I have been listening to music.

  11. Customer Feedback on said:

    The Atratus is an excellent buy and I find it to perform WELL above its cost.

  12. Customer Feedback on said:

    Overall it has done wonders to my set up and offered a different sound to my friends’. It is definitely a top cable and has made me realise the impact a cable can have on your listening.

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