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The Atratus Collection contains a selection of superbly engineered hi-fi interconnects and cables designed to take the performance of your hi-fi and AV systems to the next level. Heavy duty copper conductors, plenty of gold plating and an overall attention to detail more commonly found in considerably more expensive products feature heavily in this collection and we believe that the value for money it offers is unsurpassed.

The Atratus XLR Interconnects are audiophile grade analogue balanced XLR interconnects designed to offer supurlative performance at an acessible price. The are designed using the same philosophy which has won a number of our other products, including our unbalanced RCA interconnects, full 5 Star ratings from the British hi-fi press.

These interconnects make use of a carefully selected high purity oxygen free copper cable terminated with high quality, gold plated Neutrik connectors. As seen in our other products, a polyethylene dielectric is specified to maximise the performance of the interconnects. Shielding is provided by a dense, 95% optical coverage copper braid.


  • Balanced XLR design
  • High quality, gold plated Nuetrik connectors
  • Polyethylene dielectric
  • Flexible; utilises fine stranded copper cores
  • Copper braid shielding
  • Custom lengths available - please contact us for pricing
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Price: from £44.99

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