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The E-DAC is Epiphany Acoustics' offering of the ODAC RevB as designed by YoYodyne Consulting (the latest version of the original ODAC, co-designed by NwAvGuy and YoYodyne Consulting). It is a stand-alone 24 bit USB DAC and comes in a black aluminium enclosure.

Awaiting stock of new ODAC RevB DAC modules, shipping expected to resume week commencing 18th May.

The high performance ODAC RevB DAC module is based on the SA9023 UAC1 engine and PCM5102A 24 bit DAC chip. It supports 16 bit and 24 bit at sample rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz as well as 88.2kHz at 16 bit. The on-board filtered power supply ensures that noise is practically non-existent and a high quality on board crystal controlled oscillator is used which further improves overall performance.


  • PCM5102A DAC chip
  • USB mini digital input
  • 3.5mm and stereo RCA line outputs
  • On-board filtered power supply
  • On-board crystal controlled oscillator
  • Plug 'n' Play - no additional drivers required

Designed according to the same philosophies as the EHP-O2, the E-DAC sports some extremely high end specifications.

Technical specifications:

  • THD+N: <0.0024%
  • Dynamic range: >112dB A-Weighted
  • Audio formats: 44.1kHz, 48kHz & 96kHz @ both 16 bit and 24 bit and 88.2kHz @ 16 bit.
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iPad (with CCK)
  • Line output: 2.1Vrms

What's in the box?

  • E-DAC 24 bit USB DAC
  • E-DAC instruction leaflet
  • 1m USB A to USB Mini cable
  • 4 self adhesive rubber feet

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine
The reviewer praised the E-DAC for its excellent level of performance, stating that the improvements in offers in the realm of computer audio were significant and not to be dismissed. The E-DAC was awarded the full 5 star rating.

Hi-Fi World Magazine
In line with the other reviews, the E-DAC was noted to have superb performance and was well worth looking into to take your computer audio set up to the next level. It was awarded the magazines highest rating, the full 5 Globes.

Hi-Fi + Magazine
Editor Alan Sircom handled the joint review of the EHP-O2 headphone amplifier and E-DAC 24 bit USB DAC and was consistently impressed by the synergy of the pairing as well as the absolute performance of each unit on its own.

He describes two sides of looking at these products – looking at these products in the context of the whole market, and also the price conscious side. He noted that when put together, they converge to give an enormous ‘Wow!’.

The full review can be found in the October 2012 issue of Hi-Fi +.

AV Forums
“As far as the audio performance was concerned, the E-DAC sounded excellent with a genuine transparency to the sound, which is the sign of a good digital-to-analogue converter.”
“In listening tests the E-DAC performed admirably with a neutral tone and detailed reproduction. The dynamic range was also impressive, with a clean delivery at both extremes and a well-composed midrange”

Hifi Pig
“This is a very transparent little box of tricks and for the asking price (£99) presents very good value for money indeed.”


Price: £89.99

This product has sold out.

7 comments on “E-DAC 24 bit Miniature USB DAC

  1. Customer Feedback on said:

    I purchased the E-DAC (same as the ODAC) almost a year ago now. I have compared its quality against several DACs including one retailing at £1300 & I have to say this is stunning in its open sound, wider sound stage presentation & overall performance stood out from the crowd. I compared it to a £3000 CD player & that really shocked me the E-DAC proved it’s point & is happily upfront in my system; best buy by a long shot. PC streaming using Naim amps.
    Best recommendation ever.
    Congratulations to the company for such a good budget DAC.

  2. Customer Feedback on said:

    I’d been looking for a compact sized upgrade from the abysmal PC soundcard – without remortgaging the house – and I can honestly say this little bit of kit dos the job perfectly.

    I don’t want to resort to hi-fi clichés and hyperbole but it is true that the E-DAC has opened up the sound tremendously. Transparent, with astonishing detail and sense of scale. It is also perfectly minimalist and beautifully made.
    – MD

  3. Customer Feedback on said:

    I have the E-DAC connected to a Raspberry Pi playing FLAC music files from an attached hard drive using Raspyfi. Sound is great with extremely low noise through an Exposure XXV Amp and Focal Chorus 716 speakers. The RCA connectors weren’t expected but are a real bonus. The little unit punches we’ll above it’s weight. Now contemplating the EHP-02D. Overall a fantastic piece of kit for the price.
    - DS

  4. Customer Feedback on said:

    I was interested in this unit so ordered one expecting JUST a decent performance for £100. I was totally wrong, this unit performs well out of it’s price range and competes with much more expensive units. Limiting it to JUST USB interface has really allowed the designer to optimise this design and deliver big time on a modest budget. It has been decades since I have been this impressed with a DAC. Class act. I will try the headphone unit now.
    – Nic R

  5. Customer Feedback on said:

    My E-DAC has arrived and does exactly what I’d hoped, an audibly transparent DAC for my iPad at a great price. Also arrived quicker than i had expected! Nice to have the RCA outputs too as I’m connecting it to my main hi-fi system.
    – Mike N

  6. Customer Feedback on said:

    The E-DAC is absolutely a must have for the price. Communication with Epiphany is very fast.
    Thanks Oliver.
    – JMV

  7. Customer Feedback on said:

    I am a very satisfied user of the EHP-O2 and the E-DAC, using AKG K550 and the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro.

    Couldn’t be more satisfied.
    – Ivan H

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