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The EHP-O2D combines the award winning headphone amplification technology of the EHP-O2 and the critically acclaimed 24 Bit USB DAC from the E-DAC in one small desktop enclosure - perfect for your home head-fi needs.

Taking the bit perfect digital output from USB or an analogue signal from your media player, the EHP-O2D offers premium quality and flexibility in a home environment.

Lead time to build and despatch new orders: 2-3 working days

The headphone amplifier section has been designed from the ground up to offer some of the best, if not the best, specifications and hi-fi functionality on the market today. This has been accomplished by months of development using top of the range audio testing equipment to fine tune and carefully select the most optimum design, layout and components. The specifications achieved speak for themselves. It is powered by the included AC adapter suitable for your region.

The DAC module is designed according to the same principles as the award EHP-O2 portable headphone amplifier and sports equally stunning performance.

This high end DAC is based on the TE7022L UAC1 engine and ES9023 24 bit DAC chip. It supports 16 bit and 24 bit at sample rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz. The on-board filtered power supply ensures that noise is practically non-existent. The DAC is not clocked by the USB port/computer, instead using a high quality on board crystal controlled oscillator which further improves overall performance. The input signal and power is supplied via the USB input on the rear of the unit.

  • 3.5mm headphone output
  • USB digital input
  • 3.5mm analogue input - doubles as the DAC analogue line out, allowing you to connect the DAC output to an external amplifier
  • Plug 'n' Play - works straight from USB without any additional drivers

Technical Specifications (Headphone Amplifier):

  • THD @ 1kHz: 0.0017%
  • Noise level (ref 400mV): -105dB
  • Power output @ 33Ω : 641mW
  • Crosstalk: 65dB
  • Channel balance: 0.6dB
  • Output impedance: 0.5 Ohms
  • Dimensions (W x H x L): 108.5mm x 30mm x 82mm
  • Gain: 1x and 5x

Technical Specification (DAC):

  • Distortion: <0.005%
  • Dynamic range: >110dB A-Weighted
  • Audio formats: 44.1kHz, 48kHz & 96kHz @ both 16 bit and 24 bit
  • Interface: USB Audio Class 1
  • Computer compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Line output: 2Vrms

What's in the box?

  • EHP-O2D desktop headphone amplifier/DAC
  • EHP-O2D instruction leaflet
  • AC adapter suitable for your region (UK, EU or US)
  • 1m USB A to USB Mini cable
  • 1.2m mini jack interconnect
  • 4 self adhesive rubber feet


Noble Hi-Fi Review
“I am not going to do the usual comparisons here because I can sum it up much more easily, it beats everything else that I have tested here hands down.”

Totally Dubbed Review
Chris at Totally Dubbed reviewed the EHP-O2D and awarded it 10/10 in all areas, including audio quality, build quality and value – something we are proud to say has never before achieved in a Totally Dubbed review. You can read the full review by clicking on the link above.

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Price: £166.99

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4 comments on “EHP-O2D Miniature Desktop Headphone Amplifier with USB DAC .

  1. Customer Feedback on said:

    I received the O2D today and it is simply stunning. Running Steve Reich’s Different Trains through it right now. I have listened the piece on a hundred occasions but it feels like I am hearing it for the very first time! Had to stop all work just to commit to the immediacy and details. I have a feeling the DAC in the unit lives up to every impression I had from the O2 itself. Thank you so much for bringing this equipment to the listeners!

  2. Customer Feedback on said:

    Just a quick note to say I’m very happy with the O2D Amp/DAC. Expectations surpassed. Drives my HD650’s beautifully.

    Awesome product. You have my recommendation!

  3. Noble Hi-Fi Review Extract on said:

    I am not going to do the usual comparisons here because I can sum it up much more easily, it beats everything else that I have tested here hands down.

  4. Customer Feedback on said:

    This Dac/Amp may be an inconspicuous box at first glance, but is nothing short of breathtaking in it’s ability to decode and render digital audio with frightening timbre and clarity, frightening in the sense that any flaws in the recording show through vividly, notably on sibilants. On a good recording it is masterfully balanced, and the way it renders piano is nothing less than staggering. For under 200 quid, it is a total bargain.

    Using this on 24 and 16 bit FLAC via Win 7 machine using Foobar/DarkOneV3.1 to Beyer 990 Pro 250s, which it drives with ease near the top of the volume sweep with the Gain switch out. Still more grunt available on the gain switch if needed, but it suits my use perfectly as is.

    Congratulations, a fine product, a testament to the skills of the original designer in bringing it to both the DIY guys and the market alike.
    – Bob L

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